• Paul Fingleton

Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, to Address Microsoft Tech Gathering in Dublin Next Week

Coming off the back of Microsoft's Ignite conference, at which Microsoft confirmed that Windows Server 2016 will launch next month, CEO Satya Nadella will address an audience in Dublin at Microsoft's Tech Gathering 2016.

It has been a busy year for Microsoft, with the launch of Windows 10 and growth to over 400 Million active devices running Windows 10, the announcement that SQL will be coming to Linux and the open sourcing of various key components such as the .NET core, PowerShell and the JavaScript engine behind their new browser Microsoft Edge among others.

The transformation of Microsoft under the tenure of Satya Nadella from the closed environment that was epitomised by the development of Windows 8 to becoming to top open source contributor to GitHub, ahead of the likes of Google that the public would consider to be the most open source of companies.

The Microsoft CEO will be visiting Dublin this week and during this business-focused event and an education-focused event later in the day he will share his vision on the future of technology and on the trends that are helping shape the future of business and education by giving powerful new ways for people and organisations to work and for educators and students to embrace technology on their learning journeys.

Other speakers at the business event at the Convention Centre will include:

  • Brad Smith, Microsoft President and Chief Legal Officer, who is leading Microsoft’s work on a number of critical issues including privacy, security, accessibility, environmental sustainability and digital inclusion. Brad will speak about the importance of the Cloud as a force for transformation. This will also be relevant because of Microsoft's recent triumph in the US courts to protect the integrity of it's data stored in their Irish Data Centres.

  • Ben Golub, CEO of Docker, will speak about how this company has partnered with Microsoft to bring containers to the Microsoft Cloud Platform

  • Barry Napier, CEO of Cubic Telecom, will explain how Cubic Telecom is using Azure to innovate in the area of connected cars

  • Richard Corbridge, CIO, HSE will speak about digitally transforming health in Ireland

  • Shaun Connolly, VP Corporate Strategy, Hortonworks will talk about powering the future of data with Hadoop on Azure

We will be on hand to bring you additional coverage of these events next week.