• Paul Fingleton

Microsoft CEO Discusses Vision for Education and Technology at New DCU Institute of Education

In an event that also marked the inaugural day of the DCU Institute of Education, a unification of St Patrick’s College, Drumcondra, Mater Dei Institute of Education, Church of Ireland College of Education and the DCU School of Education Studies, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella addressed a gathering of second and third level students and educators to outline his vision for the future of Education.

Microsoft today highlighted an increase in their cloud spending in Europe to $3 billion, a doubling of their cloud traffic in the last year and announced a further data centre expansion into Europe by hosting Microsoft Cloud services in France in addition to their Irish and other data centres.

Underlining Microsoft's vision to empower every individual and organisation on the planet through the use of technology, Mr. Nadella focused on the role technology can play in the education process. Both of his parents began their careers as teachers, and it is an area close to his heart.

Microsoft's Cloud-driven offerings can help the inspired educator, from simple integration into the classroom of OneNote allowing teachers to share interactive notebooks with the students and to see quickly if students are completing their homework or whether they completed the reading or media exercises provided.


"Educators are the ultimate source of empowerment ... Technology can help … but think about what the inspired teacher can do. Really, someone who is active in teaching is the ultimate form of empowerment … in making a difference to the world.".

- Satya Nadella, CEO Microsoft


However, he Microsoft CEO gave deeper examples where AI and Machine learning can help to augment the learning experience by helping the teacher to recognise if someone in the class may be struggling or even close to dropping out.

Still the teacher will be the most important role in education, they will be the one to connect on a personal level with the Student.

"Connecting at a human level, especially when you are stuggling, will help those who need it the most. What you say and do [as an Educator] can have an amplified effect.

Any teacher should help bring clarity and energy to every student and person. You are creating the inspiration and energy on how you engage them in class and inspire them on how to apply the teachings in life."