• Paul Fingleton

Microsoft Cloud Powering Leading Irish Business and Organisations

Several businesses and industries were on hand in the Convention Centre in Dublin yesterday for the Microsoft Tech Gathering Dublin to highlight the local difference that the Microsoft Cloud, which includes Azure, Office 365 and Dynamics 365, offers.

Cubic Telecom, a leading Irish ISV, was first of the local businesses to show how it leverages the power of the Cloud to deliver connectivity solutions in many key markets, including Internet of Things (IoT) starting with their Automotive Solution in the technology behind the Audi Connect services. The German car manufacturer includes this service its new models and will eventually roll it out across the entire Audi / VW group in the near future.

Demand by drivers and passengers for in-vehicle information and entertainment continues to grow, Cubic reported that one in three new internet connected devices in the US last year was a car, they have built a connectivity solution that will allow commercial offerings to be pushed directly to the customers in real-time over this network.

One vision for this solution is to allow car companies to allow car software updates to be purchased directly from the manufacturer without the need to visit a garage forecourt.

The Health Service Executive (HSE) revealed details around a wide ranging plan to use the Microsoft Cloud for the eHealth Ireland initiative. This initiative will use all parts of the Microsoft Cloud to allow a single unique identifier to be used for a patient and single health records for all mothers and babies across the country allowing for better communication and allow relationships between patients and clinicians to develop in real time.

Before the end of this year, all 47,000+ employees of the HSE will be issued with an online ID and Office 365 access as the start of the journey to do away with reams of paper stored locally in hospitals. Microsoft Surfaces and other mobile devices will help to provide access to important data quickly and efficiently.

Richard Corbridge, CIO of the Health Service Executive was on hand to outline how Azure and Microsoft Cloud services will be used to help roll out a unique Patient ID system that will allow clinicians to access records from another location - such as if you went for blood tests in Crumlin hospital but were now in an Emergency Department in Beaumont Hospital.

Highlighting many themes that were similar to the recommendations in the new Microsoft Book "A Cloud for Global Good", Mr. Corbridge highlighted the need for transparency and trust in the HSE solution. In the planned HSE eHealth system the patient will be able to see who has seen or accessed their records and also an eReferral system would enable a Referral Letter to be sent electronically - removing up to sixteen pairs of hands that could currently touch such a letter - and improve efficiency of the system overall.

Allied Irish Banks, AIB, uses technology every day to change how it deals with customers and looks to leverage the Microsoft Cloud further to engage with customers digitally. AIB will be working with Microsoft to further adopt the Next Generation Workplace and Next Generation Enterprise to optimise customer engagements.