• Paul Fingleton

Irish Business Focus: Nuacom - a new way of doing business communication

In Ireland we have always had a way of looking at things slightly differently to others: We're a land of poets and scholars revered around the world for our ways with words. In the field of technology and the use of technology in business we look to punch above our weight in the global and local markets and over the coming weeks we will be looking at a number of Irish Businesses and their use of Technology in these Areas.

Next in our series of Irish firms looking to make a big difference in their field is Nuacom, originally started in 2009 as MyCleverphone providing IP phone systems for a wide variety of businesses,

You have been around for some time, how did the business get started?

The company was founded [in 2009] by a former Network Operations Center (NOC) Manager of a multinational wireless ISP and a serial entrepreneur.

It was about the time when recession just hit everyone hard. It was intended as a long term project, in the same time we believed that it will be demanded during recession: because it helps businesses save money on their communication and offers a wide variety of advanced features.

What is your background?

We started as an enthusiast team of developers and now we are a self-sustainable company where everyone has his input. Now, the team is comprised of professionals with 10+ years of experience in telecom industry and a strong technical background.

What services do you provide?

We provide hosted phone systems and voice traffic as a service, all these are powered by cloud computing, allowing new possibilities like: remote workers, international phone numbers, text messaging (SMS), third party integrations (CRM, Google, Office 365) and many more. All this can be wrapped up in the term UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service).

Who is the typical customer of Nuacom?

Small and medium enterprises led by determined leaders who understand the need to innovate and embrace the technology. Our service if fully compatible with all their needs and makes their business communication more efficient, flexible and scalable.

You recently unveiled a new brand identity, Nuacom. How does that reflect your current business, after several successful years under the previous brand Mycleverphone?

We believe that NuaCom is the name that better reflects our activity and our services, we always look at new ways of doing things using the latest technologies, hence “Nua” = New and “Com”= communication.

During the years, our cloud services evolved, our system improved and received a broader range of VoIP features. The new brand better represents our service and is in line with our current vision and future plans: to offer affordable, feature-rich, flexible and efficient IP phone systems to businesses across Ireland.

Looking to the future, as Nuacom, you mentioned plans to expand and generate new jobs. Do you have any details can you share at this point?

We currently employ 9 professionals and plan to open new vacancies in customer support, account management and sales, in total 20 in the course of next 2 years.

Our services can be easily replicated for other geographical regions and we plan to expand to UK at the beginning of the next year.

Thank you very much for your time today. Before we finish, is there anything extra you would like our readers to know?

We are the number one cloud communication platform in Ireland, we have done a tremendous work in developing unique tools and features for users. The system that we’ve created is a lot more powerful and flexible than traditional phone systems. We also want to prove that IP telephony is reliable and very efficient (when it’s done right). Please visit our new website to find out more: https://nuacom.ie/

For more details see the Nuacom website, or follow them on Facebook or Twitter.