• Paul Fingleton

Geek Stocking Filler Ideas

It's Christmas time and in the run up to the big day we sometimes look for that one last thing that would fit as a perfect stocking filler for the geek in your life. Our friends at Gearbest have provided us with a few ideas that might fit that bill.

Bluetooth Gloves

The Hi-Call Bluetooth Knitted Gloves allow you to pair the gloves with your smartphone and use them as a handset to make and answer calls on those cold winter mornings.

The hi-Call Bluetooth Talking Glove have the speaker built into the thumb and the mic in the little finger, perfect for the universal "call me" gesture.

Comfortable and warm, these gloves pair easily with any modern smartphone and have surprising clear audio for the small speaker in the thumb. The touch sensitive finger tips allow for smartphone use without having to remove the gloves.

Of course, we all know the real reason for these gloves is that they let you live out that dream of being Inspector Gadget.

Camera Lenses for your Smartphone

The Excelvan 4 in 1 Universal Clamp Camera Lens Kit may have an unusually long and very descriptive name, but what it does is enable the cameras on your smartphone to take a wide variety of photos, with fish-eye, 180 degree and 10x telephoto lenses.

Using a simple and sturdy clamp you can attach the desired lens over your existing smartphone camera lens, front or rear, to add extra functionality. Want a wide field of view? The 180-degree lens widens the view of your standard camera. Increase the rage of your smartphone optical zoom by 10x byattaching the telephoto lens.

The idea is simple and while it was initially tricky to line up the clamp and lens with some models of phone (notably the Lumia 950 with it's protruding camera hump) we found it quite easy to adjust and set up correctly on any of our test phones. The 10x Optical Zoom really brings things close into view, but we found that you needed a really steady hand to take a picture that was not blurred by motion.


Dual Sim Magic Card for iPhone

The iPhone is a device that has never had space for a second SIM card, often useful for travelling or if you want to use the same phone for both work and home life.

The NeeCoo Magic Card allows you to add a second SIM to the phone using a Bluetooth connection. Using the MoreCard app, you pair this credit-card sized device with your iPhone.

A slowly-flashing green LED light on the device indicates when the SIM card successfully registers on your SIM network, the Network name will be displayed on the top of your screen. Now, the second SIM can be usef to call and message your iPhone contacts. A handy remote camera button also allows you to trigger the iPhone camera for that group shot.

An incredibly useful device for those who travel frequently or usually carry around one phone for work and one for personal calls. The only feature missing on this device is that it doesn't allow the use of Cellular Data using the second SIM - it will work for calls and texts only.

Virtual Reality Headset

The Xiaomi Mi VR Headset is a Google Cardboard / Daydream compatible device that allows you to switch any smartphone into a Virtual Reality Headset. Working with screens between 4 to 5 inches, it is easy to set up and the results are quite amazing for the price.

Our in-depth review gives a little more insight into the performance, but if you are on the fence about VR then this is an inexpensive way to dip your toes and see if it works for you.

Smart Watch

The K88H Smartwatch is a simple smartwatch for those unsure about such devices. It works with Android and iOS Devices to help keep you in touch with your messages, music and fitness.

A two-day battery life during our tests gave this handy watch the edge over some of it's competitors, but a lack of real customisation or apps took some of the shine of the otherwise excellent device.

Take a look at our full review for more information to see if this budget smartwatch has just what you need.


These are just a few ideas from our friends at Gearbest for the Geek in your life, or the Geek in you, this Christmas. What are you looking for yourself? Share your ideas in the comments.

Many thanks to GearBest for our review units of these devices. Please note that this article may contain affiliate links, however TechKnow Ireland does not receive payment for these links.