• Paul Fingleton

Cosplay comes to fore at GamerCon

Most gamers are a dedicated and talented bunch, far removed from the image of a sedentary couch potato with little interest in anything. One area that highlights the fans love for their favourite games is that of Cosplay and at GamerCon, things could get really interesting.

For the uninitiated, Cosplay is where fans create their own costumes to dress up as their favourite characters from an entertainment franchise. It doesn't matter how popular or obscure the franchise, it can be in any genre from movies to TV, from comic books to video games and Anime. The only limits are your own imagination and creativity.

To make things interesting, GamerCon will have a selection of judges out on the show floor inspecting

costumes to find out how they were designed, created and get to know the Cosplayer. It doesn't matter if this is the first time that you have cosplayed as there are a number of categories from Novice to Master and even a group category (if you wanted to attend as the cast of RWBY or Ghostbusters, you just need to convince your friends to come along in costume).

Everyone who attends GamerCon could enter and the grand prize winner will receive €1,000 prize money.

As this is a family-friendly event, the only rules are:

  • No Nudity

  • No Swearing

  • No Weapons

With only eight weeks to go, it's probably time to get the sewing machine going.

More information: GamerCon Dublin