• Paul Fingleton

On "Safer Internet Day" Microsoft Study reveals index of Online Civility

Online risks highlighted as part of Microsoft's Study, carried out in fourteen countries.

Apparently "Safer Internet Day" is a thing. Microsoft have used today as an opportunity to publish the results of it's Digital Civility Index (DCI), a survey of adults and teenagers in Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, China, France, Germany, India, Mexico, Russia, South Africa, Turkey, United Kingdom, and the United States.

The survey itself highlights that two-thirds of consumers reported serious consequences from exposure to an online risk. Consequences were felt both in the online and offline worlds.

The survey included questions covering topics :

  • How do you feel about civility, safety and interactions online?

  • Which online risks have you and your close circle experienced?

  • How concerned are you about those 17 risks?

  • When and how often have the risks occurred?

  • What consequences and actions were taken?

  • Where did you and others turn for help?

​Teenagers (those between 13 and 17 years old) spend a significantly larger portion of time online and have far more social interactions online. Among the countries surveyed, 65% of adults and youth aged 13-17 reported having ever been exposed to an online risk, averaging 2.2 risks per person. Online risks were divided into four categories: behavioural, intrusive, reputational and sexual. Over one in five had experienced being “treated mean” (22%) or “trolling” (21%) and both were among the top five individual risks.


“The internet is a fantastic resource for people of all ages ... We all have a responsibility to promote good online practices and to highlight the steps to take and the resources that are out there to help you when you run into trouble. The consequences of being exposed to online risks can be severe so this is certainly something we have to take seriously. It’s a challenge we all face – young and old, male and female.”

Cathriona Hallahan, Managing Director, Microsoft Ireland


For more information: Microsoft DCI

Image Credit: Microsoft.