• Paul Fingleton

"Go West", Gamers called to GamerFest17 in Galway

Irish Gamers have never had it so good, no real conventions to speak of and then three come along at once. Looking to break the Dublin-centred focus from the other conventions, GamerFest17 invites gamers to look to the west of Ireland for inspiration.

A two-day event, on 11-12 November 2017, GamerFest will have several zones to cater for all entertainment:

  • A PlayerZone with games for all ages, featuring favourites and blockbusters to get your hands on and the latest VR technology to get your heads on.

  • A RetroZone, to show the kids how video gaming used to be, back in the day, and to relive those moments of your own youth arguing over which was better, Super Nintendo or Megadrive.

  • The Live Stage will feature Q&A sessions with popular YouTubers and Live Gaming competitions.


“We are looking forward to putting on a memorable show in Galway for our 2,000 visitors. Those arriving at GamerFest, both young and old, can expect a huge array of gaming entertainment and a relaxed, family-friendly atmosphere, with a seamless entry into the venue guaranteed.”

[endif]- Laura Hester, of BEM Ireland (event hosts)


In addition to the incredible gaming action planned, the event will include an eagerly awaited Cosplay competition, with a host of visitors to the event set to dress up as their favourite gaming and movie characters

GamerFest 17 is likely to attract gamers and families from all over the west of Ireland and beyond, with the Radisson Blu Hotel & Spa, Galway venue ensuring ease of access to visitors due to it’s proximity to Galway City bus and rail stations

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