• Paul Fingleton

Nokia returns to the Irish Market with four new handsets

Starting in August, if you are in a phone shop and see advertisements for new Nokia phones, there is no need to worry: You haven't discovered a time portal in the back of your closet. Smartphones with the Nokia brand are returning to Ireland after a multi-year absence, but it's not exactly what you would think.

Most Irish people of a certain age will have fond memories of their first mobile phone being a Nokia - the familiar SMS and ringtones, the distinctive look and feel of the candy bar shape of most of the handsets and above all the reliability: Phones that would hold a charge for weeks and were durable enough to survive almost anything that life and careless owners threw at them.

After leading the market for so long and featuring some of the best cameras in mobile phones, Nokia was slow to react to the consumer Smartphone market and as a company were left standing on a burning platform. A disastrous acquisition by Microsoft was the final nail in a coffin for the Finnish firm as a going concern in the mobile phone business.

Microsoft continued to hold the licence for the Nokia brand for use with Smartphones for the few years, but that lapsed at the start of the year. A new company, HMD Global, rose from the ashes of the Nokia expertise in Finland and has licenced the Nokia brand for use on Smartphones and starting on 2. August, the first of these phones will be available in Irish Stores.

Proudly marketed as having the latest "pure Android" experience for your device., these Nokia handsets look to remain close to the look and feel of stock Android without the usual bloat and middleware that can impede performance of budget-friendly and mid-market phones.

Android, was originally spurned by Nokia in favour of Windows Phone 8 in an effort to differentiate itself from the many other Android Handsets.

The three main handsets being released in Ireland are:

Nokia 6:

Featuring a 5.5” full HD screen, a unibody design crafted from a single block of 6000 series aluminium. Designed for those who want a robust phone, while also enjoying Dolby Atmos® sound through it's smart sound system.

Powered by the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 430 mobile platform and the Qualcomm® Adreno™ 505 graphics processor, the Nokia 6 is designed for those looking for a good balance between performance, battery life and features.

Nokia 5

Slightly smaller than the Nokia 6, the 5.2” IPS HD display of the Nokia 5 features Corning® Gorilla® Glass. and an 8MP, 84-degree wide-angle front facing camera , to help squeeze even more scene into your selfie,

Nokia 3

At just 5-inches, the Nokia 3 is the most pocket-friendly (in more ways than one) of the new siblings. The polarised screen looks to reduce reflections and increase visibility when using the phone in different lighing conditions. A pair of 8MP wide aperture cameras (one front and one back), the Nokia 3 looks to pack a decent smartphone experience into its compact and elegant form.

But wait, there's more! HMD will be releasing an updated version of the old favourite the Nokia 3310.

The 3310 would have been the first phone that many of us owned. The update features 22-hour talk time and a month of standby battery and a few feature updates, like a larger, colourful screen, to make it new again.

This is a move of marketing genius that helps elevate the announcement of the new Nokia-branded smartphones above the announcement of similar phones in the crowded Android market. Priced at just €59, the colourful Nokia 3310 handset will also help hipsters and the youth of today learn the pain of trying to text with a T9 keyboard.

Price and availability:

  • The Nokia 6 will be available on 2nd August, RRP: 249 euros

  • The Nokia 5 will be available on 16th August, RRP: 209 euros

  • The Nokia 3 will be available on 2nd August, RRP: 149 euros

  • The Nokia 3310 will be available on 2nd August, RRP: 59 euros

Nokia 6 & Nokia 5 will be available exclusively in Ireland with Three and the Nokia 3 will be available from Three, Vodafone, Eir & Carphone Warehouse*

Nokia 3310 will be available from Vodafone, Eir & Carphone Warehouse

*Pricing may vary from RRPs depending on operator or retail channel