• Paul Fingleton

Augmented Reality comes to school with CleverBooks AR Geometry Workbook

Do you know a Frustrum from a Rhomboid or your Rhombus from your elbow? A young Irish company, CleverBooks, looks to make learning more interactive and announced a new Augmented Reality (AR) based app for primary schools that looks to use technology to make dry subjects like Geometry engaging and entertaining.

Aimed at primary school children, aged 7-11 years, CleverBooks have launched their first ever Geometry workbook that has an Augmented Reality Geometry Learning solution incorporated into it.

Using a key technology like Augmented Reality, where a 2D or 3D object can be displayed on-screen, interacting or overlaying the real world, the workbook and education solution is designed to spark a greater interest among students and visualise solutions.

AR has been around for a while but was made extremely popular through last year's Pokémon Go phenomenon. Apple, Google and Microsoft are all working on making AR readily available to developers on their platforms.

The young start-up will present their solution to the international publishers and school suppliers by a guest speaker Darya Yegorina, CEO of CleverBooks at the Frankfurt Book Fair, Germany in October 2017.


“We have been working on the project since early 2016. We started with geometry as the first project in education sector and planning to roll out with other curriculum based school subjects for biology, geography, etc. from early 2018”

- Darya.Ygorina, CleverBooks


The Geometry workbook with Augmented Reality Solution will provide teachers with an innovative tool to use in mathematics classes where students can engage in learning activities more independently using the key modalities: seeing, hearing and doing.

“With the app, they can see geometric 2D and 3D shapes from all angles, and watch as shapes unfold from 3D to 2D. They can also check out the main properties of 3D shapes, develop their spatial imagination by observing 3D and flat models, and learn and understand fractions."

The CleverBooks app can run on any Apple or Android smartphone or tablet and is available for download now.

More Info: https://www.cleverbooks.eu/cleverbooks-ar-geometry-app/