• Paul Fingleton

McCann FitzGerald to offer AI-Driven Legal Services Solutions with Neota Logic

One of the leading law firms in Ireland, McCann FitzGerald, has entered into an agreement with Neota Logic to design and market applications to assist McCann FitzGerald’s clients with reducing the time and cost of legal work.

Neota Logic offers an Artificial Intelligence (AI) software platform that allows subject matter experts to automate their expertise and judgment at internet scale and delivered in a simple, easy-to-use manner – as applications embedded in business systems or in a browser.


“As a law firm on the cutting edge of legal services delivery, we’re always striving to find progressive new ways to have a positive impact on our clients’ business, Neota Logic’s technology is appealing because of its impressive track record for helping law firms to innovate and evolve the way they deliver services cost efficiently, yet without compromising legal advice, accuracy and quality.”

- Barry Devereux, Managing Partner of McCann FitzGerald.


This is the first time that Neota Logic has been deployed in Ireland and the agreement will provide McCann FitzGerald with access to Neota Logic’s technology as well as its training and services.

“We look forward to working with McCann FitzGerald as they look for ways to apply AI and other technology to innovate how they collaborate with clients to reduce legal risk and cost. It’s also exciting to be part of the team pioneering the use of AI for legal services in Ireland,” said Greg Wildisen, International Managing Director, Neota Logic.

More info: www.mccannfitzgerald.com