• Paul Fingleton

Dell tackles Workforce Transformation with expanded PC as a Service options

Before we run out of things that can be made available 'aaS', or 'as a Service', Dell looks to innovate in the PC market space by expanding their PCaaS (PC-as-a-Service) offering.

Dell PCaaS offering - a one-stop shop for IT department needs

The recent Dell and Intel Future Workforce Study showed that 81% of young workers would say that technology influences the job they are likely to take. These sort of demands for the next generation of workers means that IT departments need to rethink their PC lifecycle.

To aid customers in their workforce transformation and make Dell PCs the easiest to procure, deploy and manage in the industry, Dell is expanding its PC as a Service (PCaaS) solution.


“With digital and workforce transformation, the way people work is changing. To respond to this shift, IT needs a simpler solution to provide end users with the most relevant and secure technology, and manage it throughout the entire PC lifecycle. They need flexibility in how they purchase manage and retire PCs responsibly – with one point of contact throughout – and we deliver that with PCaaS.”

- John Moody, vice president, Client Solutions Services Product Group, Dell.


Dell PCaaS combines the latest hardware and peripherals, software, lifecycle services including deployment, support, and asset recovery and financing into one all-encompassing solution with a single predictable, price per seat, per month. PCaaS enables customers to reduce their daily burden and cost of IT management, allowing them to focus on the transformation of their business with confidence. Research shows that customers can reduce the costs of PC lifecycle management by up to 25% with PCaaS.

For customers who do not require the full lifecycle services offered by PCaaS, Dell is also introducing Windows 10 Provisioning by AirWatch. The integration of AirWatch unified endpoint management (UEM) technology, which powers the VMware Workspace ONE digital workspace platform, will simplify the deployment of new Dell PCs. This will improve the experience for both IT and end users by reducing the touchpoints between ordering and getting an employee up and running. It provides a number of self-service options including greater visibility into the status of the device as it’s configured, the ability to download approved apps and reset passwords, greatly reducing the need to contact the help desk.