• Paul Fingleton

PlayLink for PS4 gets more people into a game with their smartphone.

It's almost Christmas and there is always that lull as you wonder what to do with your family or friends after gifts are exchanged and dinner is over.

The latest range of games for Sony's PS4 allow you to use your smartphone as a controller. The PlayLink for PS4 games allow players to answer quiz questions, solve crimes and puzzles or even sing your heart out Karaoke-style.

Your smartphone or tablet turns into the controller with the download of the free PlayLink app.

The initial line-up of games are:

That’s You!: a "comedy quiz" which challenges up to six friends to get personal and find out what you really think about each other. Featuring over 1,000 varied questions, participants can reveal their daring side by taking part in doodle challenges and snapping selfies. Knowledge is Power: a game all about speed and accuracy in the face of some wickedly crafted distractions from your opponents. Participants must answer a variety of trivia questions to try and outsmart their opponents, with some fun power plays and challenges thrown in to keep everyone on their toes, this is a great game for social gatherings. Hidden Agenda: a narrative-driven adventure that drops participants right into the centre of this chilling detective thriller, which is rife with moral dilemmas that may determine life or death. Up to six participants can join in to make tough decisions about how the story unfolds, but one participant will have a hidden agenda… Frantics: an arcade-style game where up to four participants face off in a variety of challenges. Bluff, battle, negotiate and co-operate your way to victory, but beware – mischievous host The Fox is also on hand to stir things up. SingStar Celebration: latest in the sing-along game series, where up to eight players able to join in the fun. Use your SingStar mic or combine your smartphone to start belting out your favorite party classics.

PlayLink games start from €19.99.