• Paul Fingleton

Sea of Thieves comes to Game Pass at Launch - next Halo, Forza, Crackdown too

Microsoft First-Party titles to join Game Pass on Day One

Microsoft's pirate-'em-up, Sea of Thieves will launch directly into their Netflix-style service, Xbox Game Pass, according to Phil Spencer in an interview published on The Verge.

In the interview, Spencer explains that this is fulfilling one of the biggest demands from the Xbox fanbase. “The number one request from our customers... was to get new blockbuster games into Game Pass,”

Starting with Sea of Thieves, on 20. March 2018, future Microsoft published first-party titles will launch day-and-date in Game Pass, meaning announced titles like Sate of Decay 2, Crackdown 3 will follow suit. Interestingly, the head of games at Microsoft also says that the rest of the Microsoft portfolio will be included: “Not just those games, but our future Halos, our future Gears of War, future Forzas, and other games. Our plan is to launch those to our Game Pass subscribers at the same time they go to retail.”

A closed beta of Sea of Thieves will be available to anyone who pre-ordered the game and all those who have previously been involved in the Technical Alpha of the game for the last year or so. While the Technical Alpha was under Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) forbidding anyone taking part from talking about it, the Closed Beta will have no such restriction. Expect to see a lot more coverage of this game and the beautiful seas over the next few days.

Game Pass had over 100 games in the service at launch, but that has now expanded to over 150 titles across many genres and gaming eras - Original Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The subscription costs €9.99 per month

Microsoft are also announcing a 6-month subscription option for Game Pass, available from 20. March, priced at €59.99 - although mathematically, that costs more than six month of Game Pass purchased individually.

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