• Paul Sherwood

New Irish website TrustedPeople.ie – to match homeowners’ needs to high-quality Tradespeople

A new Irish website, TrustedPeople.ie which launched today (Wednesday, January 24th) makes it easier for homeowners to access the services of high quality home professionals and tradespeople.

TrustedPeople.ie seeks to seamlessly match discerning homeowners with reliable tradespeople and professionals across the expanding construction industry. The site currently has 30,000 samples of a variety of work.

The site was founded by Irish web entrepreneur, Mick Dillon who previously co-founded and sold the classified car website, CarsIreland.ie to Independent News & Media. He described his new venture as: ‘Tinder for tradespeople and homeowners in Ireland’.

“This site is particularly suited to those with visual work portfolios such as architects, builders, landscapers, carpenters, interior designers and so forth. We see this as a site for professional tradespeople who work to the highest standards, and for discerning homeowners who are more interested in quality work than the lowest possible quotation,” said Mr. Dillon.

As the construction industry continues to grow, more and more people need a one-stop shop to match the services of tradespeople and home professionals to their requirements.

“Many economists are predicting that full employment will be achieved by the end of this year. For many homeowners this is translating into a difficulty in finding reliable tradespeople. However, while many tradespeople report they are “run off their feet”, they say that many homeowners still have recessionary mindsets. This is where a website matching more discerning homeowners with the best tradespeople in Ireland makes sense from everyone’s perspective”, said Mr Dillon.

Membership of TrustedPeople.ie is by invitation only. “We aim to provide a curated collection of best-in class home professionals and for that reason we only invite the best tradespeople to join us,” said Mr. Dillon. TrustedPeople.ie already has 30,000 samples of previous work from a variety of construction providers for people to view. Invited tradespeople upload a portfolio of work to the site, along with key business information and team headshots. Builders, interior designers, architects, carpenters and many other home professionals in Ireland are on the site.

As the website grows, www.trustedpeople.ie intends to be the place to go for top-quality tradespeople and has plans to launch localised versions of the website in the UK and Australia later this year.