• Paul Fingleton

TIP: How to earn three different rewards for Xbox purchases

Earn three rewards for one activity ... Yes, please.

Across the internet there are many ways to earn rewards. If you buy Xbox games digitally or even buy hardware or software from Microsoft there is a simple way to be reward up-to three times for the same purchase.

Microsoft has made a concerted effort to unify its various online Stores since the release of Windows 10. The disparate Xbox, Windows and Microsoft stores have come under one roof - the Microsoft Store. Combined with the recent availability of Microsoft Rewards in Ireland allows for a fantastic opportunity to be rewarded many times for the same purchase.

1. Microsoft Rewards

The new kid on the block, previously known as Bing Rewards when it was only available in the United States. Recently launched on our shores, Microsoft Rewards allows you to earn points for performing specific tasks: participate in quizzes, use Bing for search or, most importantly, for making purchases from the Microsoft Store (€1 = 1 reward point)

Points can then be redeemed sweepstakes or items for Xbox, such as Gold membership, Game Pass membership or gift cards.

2. Xbox Rewards

The oldest of the rewards programs for Xbox purchases. This one has become unnecessarily complicated over the years, but the best way to earn would be the MyVIP program: Based on your purchases in the previous year, you receive a 'Star level', and that translates into a percentage of cash back for any digital games bought from the Microsoft Store.

If you are a gold member, this cash-back rate will be doubled, up to a maximum 10%.

Once you earn 5,000 Xbox Rewards points, Microsoft will transfer these to your Microsoft account as €5 at the end of the month.

3. SuperValu Real Rewards

Yes, you read that right. Using your SuperValu Real Rewards account, there is an e-Shops platform that you can earn points for purchases and activities in many shops or services online. Using this program, you can get 2 points for every €1 spent in the Microsoft Store.

To earn for these purchases, you would need to have a SuperValu Real Rewards account and launch the Microsoft Store from their page (here)

Real Rewards points can be used for discounts on your grocery shopping, your electricity bills or even to earn air miles with Aer Lingus.

Earn on the Treble If you have the relevant rewards accounts set up, you can use the following steps:

  1. Log on to your SuperValu Real Rewards account using the link above.

  2. Launch the Microsoft Store from here.

  3. Browse through the Store to make a purchase (note: the Xbox Rewards points are only rewarded for Digital Xbox games)

  4. Make a purchase.

If everything has tracked OK, you will receive:

  • 1 Microsoft Rewards Point for every €1 spent

  • 2 SuperValu Real Rewards Points for every €1 spent

  • A percentage of cashback depending on your purchase will be credited to your Xbox Rewards account. After you go over 5,000 Xbox Rewards points, this will transfer as €5 to your Microsoft Account.

Getting rewarded for something that you are going to do anyway always makes it feel that bit better.