• Paul Fingleton

London event to attract tech talent to Ireland attended by hundreds

Hundreds attended an event in London this weekend, aimed at enticing skilled tech workers to Ireland.

404 London saw leading tech employers showcasing the career opportunities they have on offer in their Irish sites. Participating companies included Cartrawler, HubSpot, Indeed Prime, Workday and Zendesk.

1.	Pictured at 404 London this weekend were Barbara McCarthy (left), Director of Engineering at HubSpot, and Jackie Slattery (right), co-founder of 404.  Hundreds attended the London event, which saw leading tech employers showcasing the career opportunities they have on offer in their Irish sites.  Photo: Doruk Yemenici.

In addition to showcasing career opportunities, the event featured panel discussions, tech installations and talks by industry leaders. John Romero, creator of the popular Doom computer game, was a star attraction, remaining unbeaten in a ‘Doom Deathmatch’ at the event, for which he played Doom against 20 fans.

5.	Hundreds attended 404 London this weekend, an event aimed at enticing top tech talent from the UK to Ireland.  Pictured at the event in Shoreditch, London, was Jackie Slattery, co-founder of 404, challenging John Romero of Romero Games at ‘Doom’, the legendary computer game he created.  Photo: Doruk Yemenici.

404 London was run in partnership with Tech/Life Ireland, a joint initiative of Enterprise Ireland, IDA Ireland and the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation.

Commenting from the event, Jackie Slattery, co-founder of 404, said: “We’ve had hundreds of skilled tech professionals in attendance at 404 London. These are people interested in moving to Ireland because they know the best tech companies in the world are located there. They’re also attracted by the work/life balance, well-established tech community and the scope for career progression. The feedback from participating companies has been fantastic – they were all hugely impressed with attendees’ experience and skills levels.

“There’s a well-documented shortage of skilled tech professionals in Ireland, so we’re delighted there was such a strong turnout. This is the first Irish tech recruitment event of its kind – directly connecting Ireland’s tech employers with the large pool of talent available in the UK.”