• Paul Fingleton

€2 Million windfall for AMI customers

Retiring over 23.324 devices earned €2 million for Irish firms

Businesses refresh their PCs and devices on a regular basis, it's part of the standard lifecycle of our digital devices. However, those devices can often still be specced higher than common devices, meaning that there could still be value in these devices that can be realised by Irish firms.

AMI, the secure IT retirement company, announced that in 2017 that its clients benefitted to the tune of €2 million. The funds were generated through the recycling, refurbishment and resale of data-bearing items, including 23,324 PCs and laptops, collected from AMI’s clients as part of their IT retirement process.

Before reselling equipment to its global network of 350 bulk buyers, AMI uses advanced equipment and processes to erase that data-bearing equipment to the most stringent global standards. Last year the company data sanitised 371,639 data-bearing items, destroying data from devices using its Blancco data erasure software.


“Awareness of the scale of potential fines under GDPR is starting to grow among organisations, and board members are asking questions of their IT teams about how they manage the IT retirement process. Once they learn that there is a monetary value in properly managed IT retirement they will make this investment in their future, and uncover the hidden value in their old PCs and laptops.”

- Philip McMichael, Managing Director, AMI on the impact of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on how Irish companies approach the IT retirement process.


AMI’s client-base includes one-quarter of Ireland’s 200 largest IT user organisations, including data centres, banks, blue-chip corporations and government departments. The company specialises in providing secure IT retirement services that can help its customers to generate revenue back from the safe disposal of their old IT assets. However, it has noted that many organisations are unaware of the potential revenue stream that used IT equipment represents.

Philip McMichael, managing director, AMI, said: “We’re delighted to have been able to return €2 million to our clients in 2017, and we hope to improve on this figure again in 2018. Irish companies are gradually awakening to the importance of ensuring that their old IT equipment is correctly retired at the end-of-life stage, to minimise the risk of a potentially serious and harmful data breach.

“As well as minimising the risk of a data breach, working with a secure IT retirement provider like AMI has another benefit: it enables us to provide companies with the highest return on their retired assets. Organisations are beginning to realise that correct handling of old IT equipment at the point of retirement can not only help to safeguard their reputation, but it can also generate a lucrative revenue stream for the business.”