• Paul Fingleton

Equinix Internet Exchange to improve business internet connectivity

ISPs and content providers will more easily and effectively exchange traffic and expand operations globally.

Equinix, the global interconnection and data centre company, recently announced the launch of the Equinix Internet Exchange (IX) in Dublin. This marks the next phase in evolution of the Equinix global platform following recent investment to enable businesses to directly and securely connect infrastructure and digital ecosystems across more than 25 markets.

The Equinix IX allows businesses which heavily rely on the exchange of internet traffic, including internet service providers and content providers, to easily and effectively exchange traffic –peer – and expand operations globally.

Maurice Mortell, managing director Ireland and emerging markets, Equinix, explained the significance of this launch for Ireland: “Equinix IX enables our Irish customers to interconnect with customers and partners across their digital supply chain, benefit from new business opportunities and create additional value. This makes our indigenous businesses more competitive and makes Ireland a more attractive base for global companies.

“Equinix plays a growing role helping many of these to interconnect and exchange traffic. Our global base of 9,800 customers is already highly interconnected across multiple markets and no other data centre or exchange operator is growing faster or has more peers or traffic.”

As internet traffic driven by cloud, mobile, internet of things, video, gaming and data analytics continues to grow, the need for networks to interconnect is accelerating. Equinix is meeting this demand by expanding peering capabilities at the “digital edge”, as close as possible to dense populations of users, apps, data and content. This enables service providers and their customers to operate more efficiently, improving end-to-end network performance, speed and reliability while reducing overall internet data transit costs.


“As IP traffic growth continues to accelerate, it is more important than ever that the peering community has a scalable, reliable and globally consistent Internet Exchange solution in all markets where they want to exchange traffic. The expansion of our IX service to Dublin will enable Irish customers to tap into the largest global peering solution and exchange internet traffic as part of a globally-available internet exchange architecture across more than 25 markets.

- Maurice Mortell, Managing Director Ireland and Emerging Markets, Equinix


Equinix is the world’s leading IX provider, serving the most networks (1,100 ASNs) and carrying the most traffic (7,500+ Gbps global peak traffic) in the most markets (31 cities around the world). Together with additional services in the Equinix portfolio, including Cross Connects and Equinix Connect, it offers a comprehensive service suite that provides IP networks with the highest quality and lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) options for managing and exchanging IP traffic. As Equinix expands its global footprint, it will offer this full suite of interconnection services within each city where the company operates.

In addition to the expansion announced today, the Equinix IX is currently offered in 11 cities in the Americas (Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, São Paulo, Seattle, Silicon Valley, Toronto, Washington, D.C.), eleven cities in Europe (Dublin, Frankfurt, Geneva, Helsinki, London, Manchester, Milan, Paris, Stockholm, Warsaw, Zurich) and six cities in the Asia Pacific region (Hong Kong, Melbourne, Osaka, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo).