• Paul Fingleton

Autonomous and Advanced Driver Assist firm Zenuity to use Dell EMC to develop high performance compu

Zenuity and Dell EMC to collaborate on custom-made, managed high performance computing (HPC) environment

Zenuity and Dell EMC announce that Zenuity has selected Dell EMC as a strategic partner to provide a managed high-performance computing (HPC) environment including cloud management, infrastructure-as-a-service and managed services. Zenuity, a company at the forefront of developing advanced driver assist systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving (AD) technologies, said the agreement represents a significant step in the company's storage and compute investment, which is expected to reach several hundreds of millions SEK (Swedish Krona) over the next few years.

Developing a secure path to use ADAS and AD complete system solution requires substantial data, which Zenuity collects and analysis from cars that are being tested in a wide variety of environments all across the globe. As such, the company was looking for a partner that could provide an HPC environment to handle large-scale data loads, reduce technology troubleshooting time and accelerate time-to-market.


“Dell EMC is proud to assist companies as they make new advances and develop reliable technologies that can improve human safety, well-being and progress. Our goal is to put digital at the heart of organisations and help businesses, such as Zenuity, accelerate the cycle of innovation and gain competitive differentiation”.

- Adrian McDonald, EMEA president, Dell EMC


Zenuity chose Dell EMC as its strategic partner due to its rich expertise in building customizable HPC solutions and its experience helping researchers securely go from raw data to actionable insights and competitive advantages. Dell EMC’s HPC solutions are developed to meet large-scale data capacity and performance requirements, consolidate virtualised and non-virtualized applications and provide highly-efficient storage infrastructure.

Dennis Nobelius, CEO, Zenuity commented on the relationship with Dell EMC: “We are fast approaching field tests, putting extreme demands on storage and computing capabilities. The ability to simulate and build robustness with a big data set is critical for speed, safety and innovation. This agreement addresses all these demands in a very thorough way. As the world of self-driving continues to grow, partnerships like these will be instrumental in transitioning solutions from a test environment to live on the roads.”