• Paul Fingleton

Apple claims clean energy milestone - 100% renewable energy [UPDATED]

Now we're (not) sucking on diesel

The Cupertino-based technology giant has announced that as part of its commitment to combat climate change and create a healthier environment, all of its global facilities are now powered with 100 percent clean energy. This achievement includes retail stores, offices, data centers and co-located facilities in 43 countries

Since 2014, all of Apple’s data centers have been powered by 100 percent renewable energy. And since 2011, all of Apple's renewable energy projects have reduced greenhouse gas emissions (CO2e) by 54 percent from its facilities worldwide and prevented nearly 2.1 million metric tons of CO2e from entering the atmosphere.

The latest push has seen wind and solar projects in China alongside the new campus, Apple Park, running a 17-megawatt solar installation atop the complex. Apple is currently constructing two new data centers in Denmark that will run on 100 percent renewable energy from day one.


“We’re committed to leaving the world better than we found it. After years of hard work we’re proud to have reached this significant milestone, We’re going to keep pushing the boundaries of what is possible with the materials in our products, the way we recycle them, our facilities and our work with suppliers to establish new creative and forward-looking sources of renewable energy because we know the future depends on it.”

- Tim Cook, CEO, Apple


In achieving this goal, the company has also encouraged many of its suppliers to aim for and achieve similar targets, with a total of 23 suppliers already committing to the goal.

However, a notable absentee from the list of Apple locations is the proposed Athenry data centre, which has been stalled for almost three years in legal and planning challenges. It can likely be expected, if that project is still alive, that it will also be powered by 100% renewable energy.


As clarified by Nick Statt at The Verge, there is a big caveat with Apple's claim that all their buildings are powered by 100% renewable energy. The article further clarifies that Apple, like Google, is not actually powered completely by renewable or green energy, but it uses the term to signify that it buys enough green energy to offset its global power consumption.

Other features such as selling back excess solar or wind energy back to the grid also small bonuses for Apple, where markets allow such 'sell back' of energy to the grid.