• Paul Fingleton

E3 2015: Elite Dangerous Launches Today as part of Game Preview Pilot

Xbox One owners can rejoice at the beauty of Elite Dangerous. The Space flight, trading, combat, exploration game lands on the might console today and better news is that it is coming as part of the newly announced Game Preview program for Xbox One - today.

A sequel to a game originally released on the BBC Micro, and produced by one of the original programmers Dave Braben and his new studio at Frontier games, this set you as a lone trader in a distant galaxy. Using your own sense of adventure, nose for a bargain or cut throat pirate streak, you can buy, sell, beg and steal your way up to larger and larger ships.

E3 2015 Elite Dangerous.jpg

Of course, just because you can be a pirate or bounty hunter doesn't mean that you are the only one. If you cross the wrong people, you could end up with a price on your head.

The game is designed to be massively multiplayer, where you can fly alone, with your friends or against them. The star system used as a basis for the game is a detailed and accurate map of our very own solar system and Milky Way universe.

The new Game Preview Program features a free trial, so you can decide whether you want to invest before buying into the Early Access, or whether you want to avoid the title because you think it is not yet playable.