• Paul Fingleton

Surface Pro Pen Tip Kit: Review

The Surface Pro 4 is an excellent device, if you're not convinced then take a look at our review from earlier this week. One of the standout features is the fantastic Surface Pen.

The ability to write smoothly across the glass of the device in a natural motion, with all the sensitivity and pressure that can be applied to the new pen makes it excellent for note taking and also for graphics design, artistic and media creation.

The Surface Pro pen allows for 1024 levels of pressure, up from 256 in the earlier generation of pen and means that subtlety is possible in shading and style.

Working in graphics design requires more than this level of sensitivity, artists and designers traditionally use other styles of pen or pencil for fine or darker lines. Anyone who took Art or Technical Drawing in secondary school would be familiar with HB, 2H, 2B or B pencils.

Microsoft know the difference that these pencils make to working on paper and have released the Surface Pen Tip Kit to cover these situations. It also serves as a neat replacement for a damaged pen tip if you let yours drop (or the dog eats it, as happened in my case).

Replacing the Pen Tip is an easy process: The storage case that carries your replacement Tips has a small pincher at the bottom that allows you to safely grip the old Tip to remove it and to hold the new one and install it safely.

Each of the Tips provides a subtle difference in the writing experience, with the B and 2B tips creating noticeably darker lines that their HB or 2H counterparts.

At €10, the Surface Pro Pen Tip Kit is not cheap, but will prove useful for those of an artistic mind or profession or those working in graphics, design or even architecture.

We Like

  • Ease of Use: Replacing or swapping out Tips is a painless process.

  • Choice: The Kit allows for easy addition to your style, without having to redraw over lines to make thicker.

We Dislike

  • Not a lot. If we were being picky €10 for four tips is a bit steep, but each makes such a difference to the drawing and writing style as to be worth it in the long run